Merel Naafs, your photographer

“As a business photographer, my goal is to create beautiful and pure images in an open and casual atmosphere. Corporate photography, business portraits, and more”

Photography makes my heart race

After buying my first camera, it became clear to me: photography makes my heart race. Not too soon after, I signed up for a photography introduction course, which led to graduating from the Fotovakschool (education for applied photography). In addition to this education, I attended regular courses — and I still do: anything to keep myself constantly evolving and to keep my skills up to date.

Love for and dedication to (business) photography

What I also love doing most is daydreaming. Or rather, living my dreams. The energy I get from this translates to my love for and dedication to (business) photography and the creative process that this entails. It is always a treat to grab my camera and to go through this process – together with customers.

My dream: to become a professional photographer

Speaking of living my dreams: after an intense and turbulent time of going through IVF treatments, it was time to realize another dream in 2016. The disappointment, the stress and the processing of an absence of pregnancy had not diminished my dream of becoming a professional photographer. On the contrary. With a great deal of enthusiasm, I started the Fotoloods in 2016 as a photographer in Oldenzaal (Twente, Overijssel). A dream that, had things turned out differently, might never have become a reality…
Nowadays I’m living in Haaksbergen with my partner and Sophie, my funny cat.

My specialism: business photography

Over the past few years, I have been able to gather experiences within different areas of photography. This has allowed me to discover where my strengths lie and what truly makes me happy: business photography, business portrait photography, food photography and interior photography . As a photographer, my goal is to create beautiful and pure images in an open and casual atmosphere.

Photographer and volunteer

There’s more. I believe that everyone should do something for someone else. This is why, in addition to being a photographer, I have been a volunteer for many years for a couple who both have an learning disability. I have a cup of coffee with them every week and we regularly plan outings, so they end up in places they have never been to. I also think it is important for me to contribute in a professional sense. Every year, I photograph the Boeskoolrace (which is organized by Leo Club Oldenzaal) and I worked altruistically for Samenloop voor Hoop and Against Cancer.

Photographer in Haaksbergen and far beyond

Would you like to know what I can do for you and your business in Haaksbergen (Twente) or far beyond as a photographer?