Whether you have a restaurant, a meeting location, a store, a hotel or an IT company: professional business photography is the right choice in all cases. Good business photos strengthen the image of your company.

If you want to have business photos taken, I will gladly help you with that. In recent years, I have worked as a business photographer for a wide range of companies. Tip: you don’t have to just take my word for it — make sure to take a look at my portfolio. Many of my clients are based in Twente (Overijssel), but I can also be implemented for atmospheric business photography in other places in the Netherlands and abroad (from Mallorca to the Czech Republic, from Germany to Hungary).

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I regularly set out to photograph professional settings. This is also a good option for your company. A photographic report makes it possible for you to show your audience who you are, what makes you unique, and (of course!) what you have to offer. For example, hotels and restaurants use my corporate photography to take their guests along for an experience. At IT companies, I am deployed to properly visualize solutions, such as control panels, switches and motion detectors. For retail organizations, corporate photography is the ideal way to showcase the store, showroom and/or production process. Furthermore, atmosphere photography in the workplace and portrait photography (through which your audience gets to know your team better) are part of almost every corporate photography assignment.


It doesn’t just end with taking pictures of the business. My main tip: don’t forget that the photos need editing. My work does not end with shooting the imagery, so some patience is required after the photoshoot (unfortunately). After selecting the most beautiful images, I will perfect the photos for you in Photoshop. During this process, I edit the photos in such a way that they exactly match the (house) style of your company.


Are you looking for an enthusiastic photographer who will take the time to figure things out with you from concept to final photograph? I’m happy to help you.