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Corporate photography

From corporate photography and atmosphere photography in the workplace to business portraits. From food photography to professional interior photography and not to mention, real estate photography. Are you looking for an enthusiastic photographer who is well-versed in one of these areas and will take the time to figure things out with you from concept to final photograph? You have definitely come to the right place at De Fotoloods. My name is Merel Naafs and I’m specialized in business photography.


Business photography: together we make the perfect picture

Do you need visual material for your website, brochure, magazine, social media or other marketing material? Do you want those photos to strengthen your company’s image? You have found the right business photographer. Thanks to my many years of experience and training, I know exactly what it takes to produce a successful photo series. Adding my enormous passion for business photography to that means and I am your perfect partner.


Do you want to decorate your shop, office or business premises nicely? Then use your own business photos for this. These can be atmospheric images of your product(s) or service(s), reference images, photos of yourself and/or your employees, or images that customized for you (for example nature photos). If you opt for a photoshoot by De Fotoloods, you will receive an image bank full of photos with which you can personalize your building. And also for printing those photos you can go to De Fotoloods.


It’s a big challenge for entrepreneurs like you right now: to shape your business in such a way that you can get through this crisis – in good shape and without scratches. That’s true for me, too. Because how do you work as a photographer in a 1.5 meter world? What can we still do and what’s no longer an option? During the first weeks of the lockdown, when my calendar was almost empty, so I took the time to come up with a good plan. Luckily, work is trickling back in, and I’m happy to share with you how I’m managing it. Because photo shoots are still an option for your company.

For each shoot, we’ll work together to figure out what we want and what can be done. I prefer to visit your company in person, so that I can get a feel for the location. If you’d prefer not to do a face-to-face visit, we can also discuss your wishes in a videoconference or over the phone and plan the shoot down to the last detail.

During the shoot, we’ll maintain appropriate distance, and trust me when I say that in most cases this is not a problem, even when shooting employee portraits. The only big change: where I’d normally straighten a jacket or pull a strand of hair off a face, I’ll now be asking everyone to do this themselves.

We also have the option to schedule a drive thru. Because the weather is getting nicer, working outside is a great alternative. And it results in gorgeous photos, too! How does it work? We’ll give your employees a schedule for arriving on location – your own site or one that I’ve arranged for you. Then I’ll take great photos, and we can look at the images on the computer immediately after. That way the portrait subject and I can pick our favorites on the spot. Isn’t that great?!

In short, if you want your company to stay visible, even in this day and age, there are plenty of options, not only for portrait photography, but also for photo spreads, commercial photography, interior photography and food photography. I would be happy to visit you for a cup of coffee – in person, at a distance.

Together we can create the perfect picture. Even now. Especially now. See you soon!


"After buying my first camera, it became clear to me: photography makes my heart race."

In 2016, I started De Fotoloods as a photographer in Twente (Overijssel). It was a dream that, if things had turned out differently, might never have become a reality.


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